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Kids Room Ideas On A Budget

Kids rooms must be beautiful and bright but also comfortable, cosy and practical because it is the centre for a child. It is where they spend a large part of their time at home like sleeping, playing or even relaxing. Redecorating your kids bedroom or any room for that matter can be expensive so the list below shows some simple ideas to have an elegant room on a budget.

Multifunctional and Space Saving

Kids need a lot of space for their clothes, books and toys so install furniture that saves space and has many storage spaces designed in it. You could also use colourful plastic drawers, baskets, hangers and hooks to use space efficiently and at the same time not create a mess in the room.


A simple paint wash using a bright bold colour is a cheap way to brighten up your kids room. You can also hand paint your child’s favourite cartoon character to add a personal touch or even use stencils to decor the walls with random shapes likes circles and stars. Glow in the dark stickers can be pasted on walls and the ceiling to add a nice touch to the room and help your kid sleep better at night.

Wall Storage

Shelves on walls is an impressive way to store items. Wall shelves near your kids study table can be a great place to keep his stuff. Plastic jars or small buckets can be used to store kiddies crafts items and school supplies on the shelves. You can also place colouring books and reading books face front on shelves to decorate the room and also encourage your child to read.

Plain soft curtains and bedsheets are a simple and inexpensive way to add beauty to the room. The paintings and crafts your child does can be framed and hung up on his room walls or you could do your own painting or artwork to decorate the room.

Use Recycled Items

Old furniture, home accessories and even old clothes can be used to decorate your kids room. Repaint an old chair with a lovely colour and place it in your kids room. Create a colourful bed runner with a collage of all the clothes you wanted to throw away. Recycling items is a great way to bring out creativity and the result is always perfect.

Crafting is Core

Work together with your kid and create lovely craft items to use as room decorations. Paper flowers and other wall decorations is a creative room decoration idea that costs very low for a lovely finish

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